Asian Film Focus 2017: Time Machine

This year's Asian Film Focus explores notions of archival and found footage in the context of contemporary filmmaking in Asia, highlighting works from Vietnam, India, the Philippines and Singapore. What can we glean from these glimpses into the past, and what does it say about our present and our future?

Ever since its advent, film has been used as a means to record significant moments. From personal memories to historical milestones, its particular qualities have helped create time capsules that historians, archivists, artists, and filmmakers have turned to for insight into the past and creative inspiration. As the process of recording and archiving film continues to evolve in our lives, found footage has emerged as an important storytelling device as filmmakers seek to appropriate material to shape different narratives, and capture space and time.

This theme will be explored through short films that have been selected by curators from the focus countries.

Select the following links for more information on the programme and to purchase tickets:

To purchase tickets for the Wed, 12 Jul screening: http://aff12jul.peatix.com/

To purchase tickets for the Thur, 13 Jul screening: http://aff13jul.peatix.com/

To purchase tickets for the Fri, 14 Jul screening: http://aff14jul.peatix.com/

To purchase tickets for the Sat, 15 Jul screening: http://aff15jul.peatix.com/

Tickets will also be available at the door before the screenings.

Dialogue Sessions:

Curators and filmmakers from the featured countries will participate in dialogue sessions that look at the programme's theme and the short film format.

The dialogue sessions are free. Reserve your seat at the links below:

Constructing Personal Stories and Memories Through Film / 13 Jul, Thur / 7pm to 8pm: http://afftalk13jul.peatix.com

Shorts are Hot! The Role of Short Films in the Film Landscape / 15 Jul, Sat / 7pm to 8pm: http://afftalk15jul.peatix.com


About the Asian Film Focus

The Asian Film Focus promotes the creation and appreciation of independent films from the region. It is dedicated to the short film genre, cinema’s most democratic and expressive form. Each year, we work with the foremost film programmers in Asia to bring audiences exciting gems from different countries, with a different theme each time. Through screenings, panel discussions, and networking sessions, industry and audience members can come together to discuss trends and developments in film, and forge a community that celebrates the creative power of filmmaking.

With the support of the Singapore Film Commission

Header image from "Dispatches for My Lover", © Amshu Chukki
Jul 12 - Jul 15, 2017
[ Wed ] - [ Sat ]
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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